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Human or Woman?

Lonesome, thoughtless, quitely I sit,
Away- away from your dazzling world.
Rituals you perform and aside, the lakshmi is quit
With her legs and eyebrows, all curled.

Lakshmi for a father,
Parvati for a husband,
Durga for the scoundrels,
Show me what more you dare to see,
Or is that all you expect of me?

When the lakshmi bleeds,
Aside she sits,
When the parvati needs,
Beside, but away he sleeps,
So when the durga wants to be seen,
She recalls how she has been
brought up all this while,
Around her people but often in exile.

And alas!
No durga comes out,
But suddenly,
A voice is heard- “Why didn’t you shout?”

When did I ask you
To make a lakshmi, parvati or durga out of me?
No, none of them do I desire to be,
All I want of you
Is to see a “human” inside me.

Picture credits-Pixabay

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