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The Coffee House: Episode 2

Lavanya became absolutely quite for a minute. Both of them were feeling the same at this moment.
Lavanya broke the silence and asked – “For how long are you supposed to be there?”
“They didn’t say anything about it.”
– Ved replied.
Lavanya’s hopes were dead after this reply. Every corner of this place was mocking at her. Ved was sitting still beside her. Suddenly he said- “I think I should reject their offer. I can find some other investor and…”
“But it’s quite difficult to get an investor once you reject them. Because they’re very powerful, I don’t think any other investor would ever go against them.”
– Lavanya interrupted.
“..Yes you are right Lavanya but I can’t leave you alone here.”

Ved was puzzled and he didn’t know what should he do now.
Suddenly Lavanya’s phone rings. “Will you let me know where the hell are you?”
Lavanya was numb and her hands were shivering. Looking at her condition Ved realized that it’s Abhay on the call. “Ved I need to leave now. I’ll see you soon.”– Lavanya says with a fake smile and leaves. Ved’s eyes turn red but he feels helpless. He keeps staring at the door even after Lavanya had left. He was thinking something while sitting in the coffee house for a long time.

Finally, it was the closing time. So, the manager requests him to leave. Meanwhile, Ved looks at the two cups full of coffee on the table, left untouched. He comes out of the coffee house and sits on the stares outside. All the employees looked at Ved. It was absolutely cold outside. “Sir you won’t get any taxi after sometime, you should go home now.”– said the manager.
“I don’t have a home man, it’s a house..lonely house.”
“But sir…”
“You please go to your home. You people are best at your work. I liked your coffee.”

The manager smiles and replies- “Thank you sir. People say that our coffee smells really nice. But I guess you would have liked it more if you would have taken a sip.”

Manager leaves in a taxi and Ved is left alone. A feeling of fear of losing and a guilt of missing something filled his heart.

The coffee house
The two cups full of coffee remain untouched.
Image credit- pixabay

Abhay, a new character in the Coffee House?

Was it the guilt of missing the coffee or something else?
Stay tuned to know what was it. A new character, Abhay, has been introduced today. So he might have a major part to play in the next episode. But before that the question remains “Who is Abhay?”. The answer is about to come in episode 3. Till then enjoy the episode 2 and if still haven’t read episode 1, go and read it. Will be back with the new episode very soon. Subscribe to the blog if you enjoy the content and share the link!

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The Coffee House: Episode 1

While siting in a coffee house, Lavanya’s eyes were fixed on the entrance door. Suddenly a voice is heard, “ma’am, here’s your order.” Her eyes were still fixed at the door and she replies “..but I didn’t order anything!”

But suddenly Lavanya’s pink cheeks turned red and she looked at the man behind.
How was the meeting? What did they say about the idea? Why didn’t you reply me Ved? I texted you more than 30 times…”
Calm down Lavanya, please take a breathe and let me speak. Everything went well and they liked the idea. Infact, they’re ready to invest in the plan. But…“- Ved replied.
But what?”- Asked Lavanya.

They loved the idea but they said that I lack experience in the field of business. So I have to learn something about it and then they’ll invest in my plan.”– Ved seemed to be a bit disturbed.

Lavanya tried to cool him but while looking at his face, she realized that there’s some bad news for sure. So she took a long breathe and asked Ved to tell her what’s the matter. Ved looked at her. An innocent girl who cared about nothing other than their moments of togetherness was constantly looking into his eyes. It seemed as if she was trying to solve the riddle herself.

They offered me to work under them for some time. They said that I’ve a mind of a businessman and all I need is some experience. But investing in the plan of an inexperienced person may not be a good deal, according to them.” -he replied.
Okay then that’s great! I knew you’ll make it out. You should accept the offer and definitely gain some experience. It’s so kind of them that they thought this.”

Yes of course.”- Replied Ved in a low voice.
You should start this job as soon as possible. By the way where’s the office?”
Lavanya felt a little bad as they won’t be able to meet so often as none of the company’s branches are located in this city. But she was happy for Ved. “London“- replied Ved.

A story begins with a coffee house and see where will it end.
Image credit- Pixabay

Why “The Coffee House” today?

We have started to bring something new for our readers. So this week, it’s the beginning of a story which will go in episodes. This was the first episode of The Coffee House. More episodes are due to come in the upcoming posts.

Stay tuned for other episodes. Till then read our previous posts.


Mistella ❤️

How Stories Heal Us

Stories are powerful, they touch your weakest part of the soul. They are inspiring, emotional and sensitive at the same time. Stories let you know about the deepness of love, the charm of nature, the colour of your emotions and many more unknown truths. They are those friends whose company can never prove your faith wrong. They’ll teach you, please you, make you laugh and cry but will suddenly bring an inspiring twist in “your story” which will turn your cries into a hunger to achieve what you were crying for.


My story is yours now:

Some people think that their situation is different and more depressing than anyone else. So some stories are depressing too, might be especially written for them or by them!! But that depressing moment, if kicked out for once, can never touch you again and you may then, be the one to gift your story to someone who is grappling with his own depressing story. You may wrap your story and write over there “My story is yours now”.

Mix the colours and create a new one:

Yes! Colours are endless and so are your feelings. They keep changing their colours. Have you ever tried to mix them and form a new different colour? If no, then go for it because life is too short and you have an infinite ocean of different colours of feelings with your mind and heart collaborating to form the paint brush. So stop waiting for the right moment and rush to picture your life in the most different and unseen way.

Nights are the omens of a new morning:

Darkness comes so that a clearer morning can rise. Sadness is the part of your story as the nights are the part of a day with 24 hours. Until you don’t confront the nights of your story, your life is not deemed to be lived completely. As a coin contains both head and tail, it can’t be deemed to be a coin until it lacks one of them and so is your story.

Live every moment of your life as they are inflexions and climax of your story which make it more interesting and worth reading. They make your story inspiring and are the strengths of your book which contribute to make it the bestseller.

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