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If I will Ever Have A Son (A Poetry)

Mother and son


If I’ll ever have a son,
I’ll teach him how to look… How to look at a girl of his class, how to talk to her…
I’ll teach him how to listen… How to listen to her when she lashes out on being hurt, how to protect her even though she’s no one to him..

But I’ll teach him the meaning of “Feminism”, its overuse and misuse.. Which can trap him from all around without any fault. He’ll defend and justify himself for sure, I believe. But I want him to teach, that girl, that lady, the true sentiment of “Feminism”.

Yes, I won’t trust him blindly. But I’ll tell him to search for his mom, whenever he finds himself, trapped in an unworthy shackle of compromises. “My little worrior”, I’ll tell him, “you’re taught and backed by two real fighters, who’ve defeated the fake world of lies…” So he doesn’t need to accept someone, who doesn’t value his sacrifices. He’ll always find a door, opening to the lap of his mom and arms of his dad, sitting on the same old chair, to hug him and make him sleep, no matter how far his under-valued sacrifices have taken him.

I’ll let him know, the struggle of his life will go on forever. But he, like his father, has been gifted with that extra-zeal, which he, unlike his father, needs to showcase, everytime his knees touch the ground of failure.

And over all these, I won’t stop him, if he starts trusting a woman other than his mom. I won’t stop him.. if he starts loving her more than his mom. I believe, he’ll glorify his mom and her teachings in the heart of his lady love. And I believe, a day will come when that pretty girl will cry more than my ‘young worrior’, when her husband’s mom will die..

I won’t stop him from smoking.  But I will tell him that “the smoke you inhale is far more killing to me than that you exhale”.. I will tell him that his mom’s eyes have turned watery and he would believe it to be due to the smoke.  So neither would he ever be able to inhale nor exhale the smoke. Now how would he learn to smoke? No, his father is naive here!!

And yes, I am going to make it clear to him that “your fighter mom and dad won’t come to fight for you”, when the fault is from his side.

The other meaning he will be taught is of “Trust”.. I will teach him not to trust so easily.. “but when a girl trusts you my son”, he is supposed to give it all back to her, with an icing of a layer of extra love and care, as she might have also been taught the same..

I will let him know how it feels when your trust is broken, how it burns you from inside.. So I won’t allow him to carry any lighter inside his pocket. But “my boy”.. I will tell him,”.. you are supposed to make that mutual trust, a ladder to success.” I will teach him to make it happen for his lady, make it happen for his old girlfriend, his mom.. “My young  Warrior, you are entrusted with expectations of the three most beautiful shackles of your life, you are the Rising Sun for them.. Your father, the old ‘you’.. your mom, your old-girlfriend who will always love you.. and your lady love, your to be wife.. are awaiting you at every step you take towards your goal.”

So if I will ever have a son I will dance with him, till I could stand on my feet.. and after that I will watch him dancing with his lady love, sitting and smiling, holding the hands of his father, right there, on the chair, which he will gift us at our silver jubilee..

And at last.. I will tell him a secret… “My boy”, I’ll let him know “When you ever go out of words, try to make rhymes.. And after three stanzas, you’ll find all those lost words on the paper, arranged beautifully… And the world will call it a “Poetry”.. but only you’ll know that it’s a game of hide and seek with the words you never spoke…”

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Poetry: A Logic Or Philosophy

Poetry is a blend of Logic and Philosophy

Picture credit_pixabay

So our lovely readers, the masters of logic and the hidden lovers of philosophy. Do you mind calling a poetry ” the stanzas containing logic” or you would oppose this and retain the defination of poetry as ” the stanzas containing philosophy” ?

Well, in my case I won’t mind calling a poetry as the collection of logical stanzas expressed in the words of philosophy!
I will tell you the reason…

Sci-fi Vs Poetry:

You often read sci-fi and those who find you reading such books, consider you as a person with brain and logic. Now what I wonder is logic in these sci-fi novels. Are they really factual scripts?

If you really think that creating suspense in a novel with a sci-fi story by introducing super powers is an art, then I appreciate your sense of logic. Yes, I really do!!

Reading and writing poetry is often considered as an absurd job as poetries are substances of no logic. Then what explains the logic through a sci-fi?

I often hear that poetries are imagination of a poet, they are philosophical substances without any logic.

This makes me wonder if poetries are philosophy and philosophy does not relate to logic, then everything the philosphers explained about the world, the universe etc. are absurd. Right?

I personally love reading sci-fi novels, but I find them contradictory to be called as “factual”. The writers of such scripts are artists but they are not true authors.

I once read an interview of a sci-fi writer who admited that sci-fi writers are not true authors.

Poetries are result of inspiration

A poetry is inspired by something. This inspiration can be a gift of love for a person, love for the nature, love for religion, faith etc.

Besides, a poetry is an expression of what the poet is going through, or what a person, a human being suffering from that situation might be feeling at that moment!

So poetries are inspire the life of people. They are probably not a result of intellect but they’re the part of what that person with intellect might be going through.

Perspective of literature

Poetries, in many senses, represent a different perspective of literature. But this perspective is often not accepted.

Most of the perspectives of literature are represented through fictions or novels. But the touch that a narrative song provides to the piece of work, is above all the other means of expression.

They are stories, but they are able to be sung. So they have the power to occupy a special room in our mind and heart as well.

In Nutshell

Actually, I personally love to read poetries. So, my reasons won’t end at all!! But one thing I must mention. And that is the way you put yourself. What do you think, why people listen to someone and ignore the other one? Even though the second person speak the same words, he’s being ignored.

So it all depends on the way you put yourself.

The same goes with the readers and writers. You will be read till your style of writing attracts the reader.

Simply speaking, songs are loved because they bind the listeners. Similarly, stories are read because they bind the readers.

So if you have the capacity to mix both the song and story phenomena in your writing, don’t you think it would attract readers!!

I agree that everything it won’t work, but you can try it atleast in an informal way.

So yes! If anything has the tendency to bind a person in its words, it has to contain something logical inside it.

And still if you believe it to be a bunch of philosophies, then I would love to let you know that “Poetry is a blend of logic and philosophy”.

It literally has the characteristic to make you fall for it everytime you read it.

So that’s all for today. I didn’t wish to be dogmatic in my arguments. But if I did, I heartily apologize!!

Love you all and wish you a very happy Diwali eve,

To Success: A Poetry

Success too, is a love

Image credit_pixabay

I came to you
Or you came to me,
What the world finds true
Isn’t what I wish to see.

I ran into you
Or you ran into me,
What these roads find true
Isn’t what I wish to see.

Yes I’ve awaited you
But you too, did the same,
I found you as the god’s clue
But you too, were a player of this game.

I hit you harder
Or you crumbled me into a fist,
Which of these hurt louder
Is either a riddle or a twist.

This story was a conspiracy
Or this conspiracy was my destiny,
Or both have come to visit me,
for this life was a tyranny!

For so many times
My love was Cursed,
But I never stopped making my rhymes,
For this heart was still not bruised.

A day or two passed as waves
And my head was still awake,
Who told you that a sunset saves
The cursed soul beside the lake?
The water will make you sweat
And the darkness will let you brake,
Once you leave your heart
These people will make it shake.

Millions of albatross will come
But no one will bring my luck,
And I know it well,
For everytime I wished to climb,
I was forced to fell.

But now that I know
You’re useless without me,
So what I believe is true
Is what I wish to see.

Who ran into whom
Is nothing to do with me,
You’re bound to follow this lady,
For that’s what I wish to see.

I’ve seen you with so many ladies,
Hugging you in front of me,
But you’ll dream of my soul,
For that’s what I wish to see.

Neither the albatross can bring you here,
Nor this luck is bound to tear
My destiny apart from you,
For this world will see what I’d wished to be true.

So guys, this was something after a very long time and we really apologise for this. We will definitely try to be active after this.
Talking about the poetry, it might appeal to be a love poetry dedicated to a person or the writer’s beloved (most probably). But this time, it’s a twist!!
Guess what??
It’s a poetry dedicated to success. Or more precisely, a work of apostrophe. So it becomes quite easy too, as you are completely aware that no counter argument is gonna come from the other side. A completely dogmatic conversation..hope you enjoy it and keep challenging your success to follow you. We just wanted to twist your mind by giving such a title to our poetry, so thanks for reading it till the end!!

With lots of love,

Journey Of My Life: A Poetry

Is your journey going well?

So dear lovely readers,
Hope you are doing well.. This day literally seems like, this is about journey, the journey of life, which has to come to an end someday and all our wishes have to die with this body. This short poetry is about how we turn helpless once this body leaves our soul. We even don’t have the right to choose the colour of our shroud.
And most importantly, this poetry is not just about our helplessness but also an imagination of that another world and its beauty. It is an imagination of how this world would look from there..so let’s see the whole image through these lines..

Journey of life is a lonely path full of aloneness

PC: Pixabay _image

Here This Journey Goes

Sometimes, I wonder how beautiful it would be to be dead..
Perhaps I won’t be seen in this soft bed anymore in the morning,
Perhaps I won’t be felt by those green grasses looking my way anymore in the evening,
But I’ll see the unseen peace of this world captured under my eyelids and I… I’ll be free to choose the picture, I wish to see from my captured collection.

Sometimes, I wonder how lovely it would be to see my people trying to keep me alive..
In their memories, in their dreams, in their world, in their journey.
Perhaps I won’t come to wipe their tears,
Perhaps I won’t hold them tight to feel me,
But my smile in their memories will soothe their heart
And my dreams will never let them go apart.

Sometimes, I wonder how colourful that world would be..
Which no one has ever seen,
No one has ever felt.
Perhaps the colour of this world was mine,
Perhaps my art in this world would die,
But that would be different.
And there, it would be absolutely apparent.

Sometimes, I wonder how elegant it would be to lie on a flower bed..
And it would be nothing but the watery love that they would shed.
Sometimes, I wonder how beautiful it would be to be dead..
Perhaps I will miss this soft bed,
Perhaps I will wish my shroud to be red,
But no..white would be my destiny,
As all of my journey, I have been craving for peace
So it has to be awarded to a body which is dead.

What I have been gifted with,
During all this journey of mine..
Is as glaring as a star,
Which would never loose its shine.

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