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Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company- #2 Book Review

Anarchy, the relentless rise of East India Company is the latest book by William Dalrymple. This is the book which reveals the real truth behind the rise of East India Company in India.

Before I move further into the details of this book, I would like to tell you something about the author.
William Dalrymple is a writer and historian. So as a professional, his words are the result of a passionate research done to present facts. He is also the writer of the book The Last Mughal. Hence, we can say that he is a true historian who recognizes the rich history of India. This will sound even more true to you once you go through the rest part of this review post.

So let’s begin!!

The Anarchy by William Dalrymple

Anarchy, The Relentless Rise of East India Company

The book tells the story of the East India Company like never before. It describes a lots of words in English dictionary and says that how they’ve been taken from Indian languages.

Let me tell you something about the word “loot”. It is actually an Indian word. It means “to plunder”. This is what East India Company did in India and hence, the word became a part of English dictionary. As Dalrymple puts, a visit to the Powis Castle will reveal a lot about the story.

Powis castle in Wales is a magnificent building that has more of mughal treasures than any other castle in India. It was the age of Robert Clive as the viceroy of India. One can find a sequence of rooms filled with gold and jewels in this private house. There’s also the palanquin of Siraj-ud-daulah, the nawab of Bengal. Also, the campaign tent of the tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan can be found here.

As I have mentioned the nawab of Bengal, I must tell you when it all actually started. It was the Battle of Plassey in 1757 which resulted in the rise of company powers somehow. The Battle of Plassey in India, is remembered and taught as a day of loss. But in England, the students are taught the opposite.

The Revealing Pictures

Now let’s collect how the book brings out these revealing pictures of British India. As already said, this age belonged to Robert Clive. He won the Battle of Buxar and thus, the Mughal emperor Shah Alam II had to pay Diwani to him. You would have already read about the Battle of Buxar in your schools. The consequences of this battle were horrible.

The first Multi National Corporation, East India Company got the right of minting, tax collecting and other financial control of the three richest provinces namely Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. So this was first step toward the destruction as put by William Dalrymple.

India Before The Conquest

Now if I put it clearly here, India contributed more than 40% to the world’s GDP in the 18th century. Infact the author says that what Manchester would be in 19th century, Bengal was in 18th century. So as felt by William Dalrymple, the conquest of India is remembered as a national event in both the countries, Britain and India. One remembers it as a victory and other as a series of oppression, resistance and ultimately freedom.

But there is a fact that both the countries have ignored. The British government didn’t seize the Indian subcontinent. No military coup was sent from Britain to India in order to conquer it. But the civilization fell into the hands of East India Company, the word’s oldest Multi National Corporation.

I won’t go into much details of the book. But I would suggest you to go through it once. You will see how revealing the content of the book is. How Anarchy was established in the country. And most importantly, the book will tell you about the unjust rule of a corporate power.

My Personal Opinion about the book “Anarchy”

Honestly, I would like to mention one thing about this book. Though William Dalrymple presents a quite innocent picture of the British government, his opinions seem to be a bit biased. I personally felt a constant effort to prove that whatever happened in India was just due to East India Company is made through out the book.

Further, it felt a bit weird when he writes that East India Company didn’t bring anarchy to India. India was already in a state of anarchy when the company came. This may be called his personal opinion as we already know that they’d already attacked the subcontinent a number of times before the conquest.

And yes, the question remains that if the company was the only guilty, then why did the government didn’t seize its operation. We have read about a number of royal charters passed by the king and Queen of Britain. Infact they shared a very good relationship with the company employs as they were always invited in the ceremonies and parties held there.

So I must say that the company alone was at fault may be a biased statement. But such statement can be expected from a professional historian. All the historians put their personal opinion along with the facts, so Dalrymple did the same.

But the book becomes a must read if you are much into history.

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Love (An Etheree)

Who’s serving
This charm to it.
Glowy mornings stir
Bubbling desires to stay
As a shade of its spectrum,
Spreading all the colours it has,
While the sunbeams falling on its face
With an elegance never seen before.


This is a part of Colleen’s poetry challenge. Prompts for this Tuesday’s poetry challenge are Spell and Treat. As theme is Synomyms only, we chose the words Charm and Serve.

Also, the challenge was to write a poetry in the specified forms only. So we thought to write an Etheree.
Before you think what’s Etheree now, let us help you.

Etheree is a poetic form with 10 lines and it’s syllable count increases by one with each proceeding line.

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Colleen’s Poetry challange.



The Coffee House: Episode 1

While siting in a coffee house, Lavanya’s eyes were fixed on the entrance door. Suddenly a voice is heard, “ma’am, here’s your order.” Her eyes were still fixed at the door and she replies “..but I didn’t order anything!”

But suddenly Lavanya’s pink cheeks turned red and she looked at the man behind.
How was the meeting? What did they say about the idea? Why didn’t you reply me Ved? I texted you more than 30 times…”
Calm down Lavanya, please take a breathe and let me speak. Everything went well and they liked the idea. Infact, they’re ready to invest in the plan. But…“- Ved replied.
But what?”- Asked Lavanya.

They loved the idea but they said that I lack experience in the field of business. So I have to learn something about it and then they’ll invest in my plan.”– Ved seemed to be a bit disturbed.

Lavanya tried to cool him but while looking at his face, she realized that there’s some bad news for sure. So she took a long breathe and asked Ved to tell her what’s the matter. Ved looked at her. An innocent girl who cared about nothing other than their moments of togetherness was constantly looking into his eyes. It seemed as if she was trying to solve the riddle herself.

They offered me to work under them for some time. They said that I’ve a mind of a businessman and all I need is some experience. But investing in the plan of an inexperienced person may not be a good deal, according to them.” -he replied.
Okay then that’s great! I knew you’ll make it out. You should accept the offer and definitely gain some experience. It’s so kind of them that they thought this.”

Yes of course.”- Replied Ved in a low voice.
You should start this job as soon as possible. By the way where’s the office?”
Lavanya felt a little bad as they won’t be able to meet so often as none of the company’s branches are located in this city. But she was happy for Ved. “London“- replied Ved.

A story begins with a coffee house and see where will it end.
Image credit- Pixabay

Why “The Coffee House” today?

We have started to bring something new for our readers. So this week, it’s the beginning of a story which will go in episodes. This was the first episode of The Coffee House. More episodes are due to come in the upcoming posts.

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The New One Minute Manager: #1 Book Review

A very basic, simple but a life-changing book, “The New One Minute Manager”, authored by Ken Blanchard and Spenser Johnson.

The New One Minute Manager is based on the original One Minute Manager book. The book is intended to help the readers find meaning in their work and make their lives better.

Enough said, now let’s begin with the review!!

The Cover of The New One minute manager

The cover is itself quite inspiring. The color of the cover is a combination of white and sky blue, which looks cool. As white is a symbol of simplicity and sky blue symbolizes confidence, the cover tells a lot about the content.

Front cover of the book

Front cover of the book reads the name of the authors, Ken Blanchard and Spenser Johnson. Then, the title “The New One Minute Manager” appears. Here you’ll find a  clockface in the letter ‘O’ of the word “One”.
This symbol has a meaning. We will come to it later.

It is a #1 bestseller on managing your work and life. So without wasting much time let’s move to the back cover.

Back cover of the book

Again the symbol appears at the top. After this, you will find how many people have benefited from the book.
It also reads the view of Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Former Head of Corporate Social Innovation, Twitter, Inc.

I am thrilled with The New one Minute Manager– a hugely helpful resource in a constantly changing world

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Inside the book “The New One minute manager”

I had mentioned about a symbol, remember? The book begins by explaining this symbol.

The clockface shows a one-minute. It’s intended to remind each of us to take a minute out of our day. Look into the faces of people we lead and manage. And to realize that they are our most important resources.

Well you may presume that this book is for those who are leading people in an organization. Then, I would say, No! Look at yourself, no matter who you are. If you’re a student, you have to lead yourself. You’re your manager. So don’t you aspire to manage all your days in just one minute? Sounds exciting, right?

Let’s get to know how.

The New One Minute Manager

What the “The New One Minute Manager” is about?

It’s actually a didactic book, rendered in a fictional form. This makes it exciting and you’ll be curious after every chapter.

It’s a story of a young man who is in search of a manager who can lead and manage in today’s changing world.

He meets a lot of managers from different organization but fails to find that special one. Later, he gets a chance to see this “one minute manager”. The manager gives him a brief description about his way of management.

The young man was yet not satisfied completely. He wonders whether this “one minute manager” is also result-oriented like other managers or, is people-oriented too.

The manager points to his computer’s screen saver that read:

People who feel good about themselves produce good results

The New One Minute Manager

Finally, the young man decides to meet the people working under this organization. He goes to three people and tries to find out the secret behind one-minute management.

#1 secret: The One Minute Goals

The young man meets the first people who is a lady. She tells him how the one-minute goals work. She tells him about 80/20 rule. Now what’s that?

80% of your really important
results will come from 20%
of your goals.
So we set one minute goals
on only that 20%- thay is, our
key areas of responsibility-
may be three to five goals.

#2 secret: One Minute Praising

The next person explains him about the one minute praising.

He tells that first they catch someone doing something “right”. And then, take out a minute to praise them. Take a pause to let him realize it.This makes the people feel good and motivated.

#3 secret: One Minute Re-direct

The third person tells the young man about the third secret.

He tells to take out a minute and use the first half to re-direct the people as soon as possible. Then, confirm the facts and review the mistake together.

Then take a pause. And in the second half, remind them that you have trust and confidence in them, and support their success.

Here, one thing needs to be remembered. Re-direct should be before reminding them about the confidence and trust you have inside them.

The One Minute Manager meets again

The young man was quite satisf till now. He had noted everything he learned. The man then comes to meet the manager again and the manager tells him how the secrets work.

He gives an example of Einstein who didn’t remember his own phone number. The reason being that he didn’t want to clutter his mind with undesired information. But he was not a looser but a winner.

Then again the manager points to his computer screen that reads:

Everyone is a potential winner. Some people are disguised as losers. Don’t let their appearances fool you.

The New One Minute Manager

Another New One Minute manager:

The young man later becomes the new one minute manager and manages everything so well.

This book is amazing as it tells a lot in absolutely basic and simple language. I would literally recommend you to go through it if you want to be a good manager of your own life.

The three secrets are quite helpful as they have worked for millions of people.

And yes! One more thing, after reading if you find it useful, you will..

Share It With Others

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Book Review Every week

Hey lovely people, hope you all are doing well!!
As we had said, we will be back with some new topics soon, so here we are.We are delighted to announce that we will be reviewing atleast one book every week. The genre of the books will be such that it adds something good to your life if you read it.

Pixabay image

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Amidst the Fight (A Poem)

Amidst the fight,
Fight for the vote bank,
Fight for a throne-like-chair,
A part of society,
A part of this planet,
Is left aside,
Crying and beging,
Fighting and shouting.

Amidst the riots,
Riots of hindu and muslim,
Riots on cow slaughtering,
A part of society,
A part of this planet,
Is sliced-off,
Quivering and stammering,
Weakening and dying.

A mother is beaten,
A father suicides,
A son drops out of his school,
A daughter is raped.
But is this part of society,
Not made to be shaped?

Amidst the achievements,
Achievements in space,
Achievements in wars,
A part of society,
A part of this planet,
Is kept apart,
Far off the upheavals,
Far off the race,
For this part of society,
Seems to have no face.

Unaware of the tricks and intrigues,
This innocent part of society,
Finds temporary solutions as a panacea,
And stumbles across the whole life,
For our politics never let it know its real “problem”,
For which it needs to strife.

This part of society,
Hence, should learn a lesson.
It needs to remember
What it has been through.
And need not share
Its so-called master’s view.

Image credit- Pixabay

Hope you like this poem. We’ll be back with a new post tomorrow. We will try to come up with new topics very soon!

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Search yourself (Not a Poem)

My pen and hands were quite,
Searching for something to write.
Suddenly I heard a voice,
Sounding immature, but wise.
To find yourself,
is like searching for clothes in a bookshelf.

I couldn’t stop myself of taking a glimpse of the person on the street,
I quickly went to remove the curtain of the window,
which opens at the street.
I peeped out of the window,
but the moment I heard the voice,
was fleet.

I saw two children sitting on the mound of sand kept in a corner,
competing to search for the stone inside the sand.
On seeing the eagerness and speed of their hands,
I tried to convince myself,
that the voice was not their’s.

I just wished to match the voice which I heard,
with that of the one of them.
But no one can be as cunning as the god,
they didn’t utter even a word after that.
And again I kept on searching myself!!

Keep searching yourself, never settle!

It may not be called a poetry. But it’s something which came out of my head on its own. So I thought to share it, still don’t know what is it!

Hope you like it and find yourself. Keep searching and don’t settle.

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The Ultimate Pleasure of Life (A Poem)

Hello dear readers! Our existence is nothing but a paradox of “life“. Isn’t it? Sometimes, we really find pleasure in what we achieve, but have we ever noticed what this pleasure resembles?

The sparkle of those crackers

Am I right?

Let’s find the ultimate pleasure of life. Here I have composed a small poetry on what we are and what we are meant to be.

Hope you like it:)

Let’s choose the “road not taken”
Image credit- pixabay

The Poem “The Ultimate Pleasure of Life”

Miles have been walked,
miles are still to be stalked.
Let’s come out of these dilemmas
and escape out of these undesired commas.

Millions have been thrilled,
millions are still to be killed.
Let’s rush to the peak
before we lose the chance to speak.

Stop walking hand in hand,
stop capturing your footprints on sand.
Let’s just lose the patience
before our identity requires an evidence.

Even though we are dying,
even though we are crying.
Our eyes and ears are closed
as we’ve to keep the truth unexposed.

Never believe the warmth of the sun,
never laugh at the moments of fun.
Just trust your cursed existence
which should be the only reason for subsistence.

Illusion is your status,
illusion is this plumpness due to flatus.
Escape out of this paradox of life
which leads to a never-ending path of strife.

Pleasure is when you gift your smile,
pleasure is when beggars keep your file.
Let’s live those moments which were partaken,
let’s just choose the “Road Not Taken”.

Hope it pleased you somehow:)

All I meant to say is:

Choose wisely as your happiness is key to the door of your aim.”

Will be back very soon with a new one!

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With lots of Love,


Friendship (A Poem)- #Fiends-#Poem-#Mistella

Image credit-Pixabay

The way these roots hold the soil,
You are my soul in this life of toil.
Look at those stars
whose beauty never fades of scars.
Our affection too,
is a message to send
to the rivals whose humanity has come to an end.

The warmth of your shade
can never ever fade,
for the sun can only heat
the vengeance, with which,
no quarter has got the time to meet.

Cover my sight with your palm
and I will cover yours,
for these faces are terrible
and their voice just roars.
Hold me so tightly
that we can ram the wild beast
coming out of us and trying to engulf
this beauty,
that so far, we together, have pieced.

Today’s poem is dedicated to friendship. We make friends throughout the life. But that one friend can never be out of the list.

Friendship is not always being together, hanging out. But it’s a feeling which stays forever, no matter where you are!

Hope you like this poem. Let me know in the comments. Subscribe to read a new poem everyday!!

Mistella ❤️

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