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Heart losing all alone

Losing, running
Heart beats till the dawn,
Catching up with the rush,
Alas! I’m left all alone.

Isolated, crying–
Crying till the dawn.
Alas! I’m left all alone.

Millions of voices
I hear–
One following the curls,
Other, running out of fear.

But the heart fails
Every time–
To catch up with the rush,
Beats are tired,
Leaving me all alone.
Alas! They’re crying till the dawn.

Isolated, surrounded by rush–
I hear people crying till the dawn.
Alas! All are left alone.

Heart losing all alone
Losing all alone

About “Heart losing all alone”

Maya Angelou‘s poem “Alone”, basically inspired me. She wrote how technology is making us isolated. And I wrote how life has turned into a rush. And everyone is alone in this rush.



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