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Mohabbat se pucho ki “tum kaun ho”,
Hum pahchan apni btayenge.
Masnad par tumhe bithayenge,
Khud zameen pe hum baith jayenge.
Tabiyat se tohfey bhijwayenge,
Tumhari diwali par mithaee bhi khayenge.
Har eid par gale se lagayenge,
Tumhe sewaiyaan bhi khilayenge.

Upar wale ka naam to hum bhi lete hain
Tum use ishwar kahte ho to hum khuda kah lete hain.
Mohabbat se dekho ki “wo kaun hai”,
Dono ek hi nazar aayenge.
Dua tum masjid me mango,
Hum mandir me prarthana karne aayenge.
Par ye nafrat mitaane,
Na to mere khuda, na tumhare ishwar utar kar aayenge.

Aao zara mil kar puche “yeh kaun hain”,
Kya ye apni pahchan bata payenge?
Beshaql hain ye, anjaan hum,
Benaam hain ye, Iqabal hum,
Behosh hain ye, Tagore hum.
Jo hum gale se mil jayenge,
Yeh dhool ban udd jayenge.

Disclaimer: The poem is written to spread hope. So read it with a positive mind. It’s just a poem, so calm yourself whenever a sense of discontent pops out while reading it.

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Religious violence in India (source: wikipedia)

Love (An Etheree)

Who’s serving
This charm to it.
Glowy mornings stir
Bubbling desires to stay
As a shade of its spectrum,
Spreading all the colours it has,
While the sunbeams falling on its face
With an elegance never seen before.


This is a part of Colleen’s poetry challenge. Prompts for this Tuesday’s poetry challenge are Spell and Treat. As theme is Synomyms only, we chose the words Charm and Serve.

Also, the challenge was to write a poetry in the specified forms only. So we thought to write an Etheree.
Before you think what’s Etheree now, let us help you.

Etheree is a poetic form with 10 lines and it’s syllable count increases by one with each proceeding line.

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Colleen’s Poetry challange.



Fear of Dreams (A Poem)

She didn’t sleep of the fear of dreams.
As she woke up, pushed her bed,
Walked away to see those shiny beams
Of sunlight through the curtains of the shed.

Her hands joined to pray her god,
Her eyes closed to wish for those gleams
Which he saw in her eyes and owed
His life to their shine in his dreams.

Oh! Lovely were those days,
Lovely were those tears
Which were wiped in their ways
And challenged all the fears.

So many memories she held,
So many questions she had.
Every time her love was misspelled
And made him call her a “mad”.

Humble was her request,
Humbly do she asked,
“Why can’t you come and quest
Together our dreams which have still not passed?”

Situations were her inspiration,
Situations became her enemies.
“Love’s all alike” was her motivation,
Love became her disease.

So many memories she held,
So many questions she had.
Every time her love was misspelled
And made him call her a “mad”.
Image credit- Pixabay

Again, I had written this poem long ago. But I thought I should post it today. This actually intends to say that we should love people. But this love should never make us inferior before them. Our emotions can destroy us! But when it’s balanced, the same love appears to be a motivation. So try making your love a reason behind your success.

Hope you people like this poem and learn to control your emotions, for the emotions have become the greatest enemy of the humans nowadays!

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Oh Dear Love! (A Poem)

Oh dear love!
I hear the two toddlers,
caring for each other like coddlers.
I see them wrangling for no reason
And their love growing every season.
How they pretend to be grown-up
but are scared of getting their joy blown-up.

Oh dear love!
I hear the two teenagers
Promising to protect their love from dangers.
I see them filling the gap of their fingers And walking with the voice of untrained singers.
How they pretend to be fearless,
But are thinking to prove their love peerless.

Oh dear love!
I hear the two adults
Departing to get the better results.
I see them crying from inside
And somewhere those promises have died.
How they pretend to be clueless
But trying to stay tearless.

Oh dear love!
I want to hear the two oldies
Celebrating a couple of centuries
With their love
And this world, singing like a dove
As a tribute to their victory.
I want to see them holding each other and unveiling their mystery.

Oh dear love!
I want to hear some people
Talking about a couple.
I want to see them smiling
Inside a tomb which is beguiling.
How they pretend to be dead
But are on a break, sharing the heaven’s bed.

Oh dear love!
I want to hear the two oldies
Celebrating a couple of centuries
With their love
And this world, singing like a dove..
Image credit- Pixabay

About the Poem “Oh Dear Love!”

I don’t think I need to explain this poem today. Well, it’s a poem which I had written long ago. I am posting it today, hope you enjoy it!

Honestly, I don’t consider this poem being completely romantic. But, it presents an essence of pure love, which is eternal. Situations vary, people vary, but this is what, can never change! Even after the people are gone, their story remains alive somewhere in words, papers, books etc.

Okay, I can’t stop myself of asking you, whether you have found such a couple or you too, believe that they only remain in stories?? It would be great to see your views in comments.

We’ll see you soon. Take care and stay happy till the last hope!

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With love,


Marriage (A Poetry)

So, we’re excited to share a short poetry-cum-story with you people, where a woman is bound to stay in a marriage just because she is a “woman”, who thinks that she loves her husband. Let’s see what exactly this love  is:

She Lives In His Wallet

He sleeps in the next room,
about five Steps from mine.
once I was a bride and he was the groom,
but then we never even sat together to dine.

He talks to her picture
which can’t speak back.
But my presence is obscure
and I’ve no one to talk about the lack.
He takes me to the shopping
but pays with the wallet where she lives.
I never dared of stopping
my husband, as it is “love” in which he believes.

It may be love
that stops me from telling him about her.
I had met her in a poetic club
where his memories still made her stir.
It hurts to be an edge of this triangle,
but my customs bind me here.
I too, wish them to make an angle
but my traditions don’t allow me to move there.

They’re childhood sweethearts, one she had told me.
I can see how desperately her eyes awaits his glimpse for once to see.
I wish if I could gain some courage
to see them together,
And free him of this cage
And let him live with her forever.

So did you like this poetry cum short story? Give your feedback in the comment box!

See you soon guys. Till then be brave and have courage to face the reality.



How Stories Heal Us

Stories are powerful, they touch your weakest part of the soul. They are inspiring, emotional and sensitive at the same time. Stories let you know about the deepness of love, the charm of nature, the colour of your emotions and many more unknown truths. They are those friends whose company can never prove your faith wrong. They’ll teach you, please you, make you laugh and cry but will suddenly bring an inspiring twist in “your story” which will turn your cries into a hunger to achieve what you were crying for.


My story is yours now:

Some people think that their situation is different and more depressing than anyone else. So some stories are depressing too, might be especially written for them or by them!! But that depressing moment, if kicked out for once, can never touch you again and you may then, be the one to gift your story to someone who is grappling with his own depressing story. You may wrap your story and write over there “My story is yours now”.

Mix the colours and create a new one:

Yes! Colours are endless and so are your feelings. They keep changing their colours. Have you ever tried to mix them and form a new different colour? If no, then go for it because life is too short and you have an infinite ocean of different colours of feelings with your mind and heart collaborating to form the paint brush. So stop waiting for the right moment and rush to picture your life in the most different and unseen way.

Nights are the omens of a new morning:

Darkness comes so that a clearer morning can rise. Sadness is the part of your story as the nights are the part of a day with 24 hours. Until you don’t confront the nights of your story, your life is not deemed to be lived completely. As a coin contains both head and tail, it can’t be deemed to be a coin until it lacks one of them and so is your story.

Live every moment of your life as they are inflexions and climax of your story which make it more interesting and worth reading. They make your story inspiring and are the strengths of your book which contribute to make it the bestseller.

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