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The Coffee House – Episode 3

Ved came back to his house. He was lost somewhere. “When you can’t find a solution, try solving other problems. You may find the solution to it on your own, at the end.”- Read a message from Lavanya on his phone. Ved wanted but failed to gather the courage to reply her back. But this message reminded him of their past. It was a time when Lavanya used to be a girl who knew nothing but to “live”. She never disclosed her other side to anyone. But Ved was the one, with whom she revealed her hidden side, but still not everything. One day, Ved called and asked her to meet- “Where?”
“The Coffee House.”

Next day, Lavanya came before the time and was waiting for him. After about half an hour, Ved came. She smiled and didn’t say anything.
“Sir, ma’am, your order?”
“Two cups of Mocha”- Replied Lavanya to the waiter.
Ved begun to speak. “Lavanya, are we good friends?”
“Then would you mind if I say something wrong to you?”
“Why, are you going to abuse me?”- Lavanya asked with a laughter.
“No, not at all.”
“Then tell me whatever you have to say.”
Ved gathered a lot of courage and proposed her. He seemed to be  scared and his eyes were closed. Suddenly a voice came- “Your order sir, two cups of mocha.”
Ved slowly opened his eyes and looked around.

Then he looked at Lavanya, she was smiling but didn’t say anything.
Suddenly, the phone rings and Ved comes out of his past.
“You met her even after my warning, now you see how I will punish you both.” -said Abhay on the call.
“No, please don’t hurt her anymore. You can punish me but forgive her.”- Ved requested. But Abhay disconnected the call.
Ved wanted to kill Abhay and make Lavanya free of his grip. He wanted to call her and ask whether she is fine. But he didn’t want add to her troubles.

Ved’s dilemma.

Hope you are enjoying the episodes. Episode 1 and Episode 2 of The Coffee House are already uploaded. For instance, if you missed any of the previous episodes, go and read it.

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