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Hollow heads (A Poem)- #Nonet- #poetrychallange

Hollow heads hanging on the strawmen,
When knocked, sound like den, and chaos
hidden, but no room for light
To fight the battle with
darkness. Hearts grappling
with gloom, each day
Brought with

Hearts grappling
with gloom, each day
Come with
Image credit- Pixabay

About the Poem “Hollow heads”

This poetry is written in Nonet form. It’s not too long as you can see. Let me make some of the points clear about this poetry.

Hollow heads” are the heads of humans.
The word “den” refers to a secret place where some horrible idea is cooked.
Chaos” because our world has nothing to do with peace!

Light” is actually the light of knowledge. It’s not about information, but actual knowledge.
Darkness” is, of course the absence of this knowledge

Effigies come with gay” means humans are born each day. They have been referred to “effigies” because of the reason I have mentioned earlier.

Again interpreting the poem is totally left over you. I think you can understand my views and build your own too.

Taking part in Colleen’s poetry challenge. This time it’s synonyms only! This is my first attempt.

Her two prompt words are Empty and Space. My form of poetry is Nonet.

And my synonyms are Hollow and Room.

Hope you enjoy the poem. Let me know in the comments. Subscribe for more poems.

If you want to know more about Nonets, visit Colleen’s blog.
Here’s the link to it👇



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