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India And The Lack Of Scientific Temper

The rich history of India never lets Indians disconnect themselves from it. Indians are connected to their mythological history and any opinion, whether it is approved or not, if contradicts their mythology, is not acceptable in this country. By the way, this connectivity can’t be ignored because the Indian mythology is the biggest source that makes India proud of its pre-scientific abilities in this era of scientific development. But invention and innovation are two different aspects of science. What has been invented in the past, cannot be regarded as the ultimate achievement in the future. And this clearly reflects the lack of scientific temper.

What makes Indians uncreative:

Few weeks back, one of the Global leaders of IT industry and co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak stated that Indians are not creative. He supported his statement with an argument that blames the Indian educational system, which he considers to be very weak. He had predicted that India is unlikely to create world leading IT companies due to lack of creativity, which means a lack of scientific temper in Indians. This lack in educational system comes from the dominance of irrational opinions over the independent ones. Indian trace their future with their past and that’s the biggest obstruction in the path of scientific achievement.

Development is all about future:

Scientific technologies like cloning, live telecast (divya-drishti), use of missile (Astra), used in Mahabharata are no doubt brilliant examples of the pre-scientific achievements of India, but they need to be explored. This may be accounted that the creativity and a keen scientific temper in the people of other countries, led them to learn from Indian mythology. But Indians themselves lack such skills and knowledge, except some of them. So science is not restricted to the past and present, it is all about future of a nation especially such a nation which has just put it’s step on the stairs of advancement.

The way forward:

The statement by a Global leader can’t be denied as the Indian education system is evidently below average, when it comes to science or even other fields but we’re not going there as it would be like Pandora’s box. If India has shown a rapid growth in corporate sector, then the credit goes to MBA courses specially, which have been flourishing from past few decades. Except some of the institutes, there is a need to develop the approach towards education in a proper way. India needs quality education and not quantity education. Besides, excessive crowd in just one sector of education leads to the spoilage of the system and thus, the quality of education. So Indians are required to learn what they wish to learn instead of rushing to just one sector which, they think is the most efficient in providing a decent earning.

In a nutshell, what Indians must be advised to do, is to know their interest and choose what suits them. Science is not the ultimate field which provides money and fame. It is better to work as social worker instead of working unwillingly under some other person for the whole life and even with a meagre amount of salary that would never be able to be called as “decent”.

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