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About Us

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Mistella is a team of learning people, who are simple human beings like you. We don’t find ourselves crowded with tallent and experiences but we believe, all of us are made to do something different. Mistella is a dream project to bring all the undiscovered writers on a platform. We are learning to discover ourselves by discovering you, as a writer.

Besides, this website is a dynamic one (we can mention that) and will always be in the process of progress, as we don’t imagine our posts to be restricted to certain topics or categories. We feel that providing information is not enough and so, we wish to inspire our readers in a positive way. Again, inspiration and information are not enough and so, we wish to sensitize our readers too. And this list goes on..Our ultimate mission is to provide everything on every issue possible.

Since we are here to learn, so we want our readers too, to learn the real meaning of life, where everything is important. Whether it is life values, ethics, culture, technology, world, politics, universe, morality or any other stuff influencing our way and standards of living and understanding the way and standards of life.

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