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Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya Biography | Engineers Day

Well Today is Engineers Day as we all known that Engineers day is celebrated on birth date of one of our famous engineer Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya but did we known anything about his Personal life, Carreer,and his contribution in development of india because as we known that nothing is possible without Science. Your Management, Economy, law and order everything will go in vain if you don’t have developed science. and engineering ( considered as a backbone of Economy) is applied branch of science.
So today on this day we are here to tell u about him.

  1. He was born on 15 september 1861 into Telgu Brahmin family in Muddenahalli village in Mysore (karnataka)
  2. His father Mokshagundam Srinivasa Sastry was a school teacher, sanskrit scholar and his mother Venkatalakshamma was a housewife. But unfortunately he lost his father at age of 15.
  3. He always love to be in indian attire and his love towards literature is immortal that’s why he developed kannada Parishad to develop Kannada literature , A\q to him one has to Work well, Earn well, and Live well.
  4. He used to take tuitions during his school times due to economical problem in family and in 1881 from Central College of Bangalore he Completes his degree in Arts before that he did his Primary and High school from Chickballapur and Banglore respectively.
  5. After that he enrolled himself in college of engineering Pune from there he received LCE(LICENTIATE IN CIVIL ENGINEERING) ) equivalent to DCE (DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING).
  6. His first job was in PWD of bombay and after that he works in Indian Irrigation Commission and is this he implemented an extremely intricate system of irrigation in Deccan Area.
  7. Further he designed & patented the system of automatic weir water floodgates in 1903 at Khadakvasla reservoir near Pune, after that same gates were intalled at Tigra dam in Gwalior and Krishna Raja Dam in Mysore.
  8. After that government sent him to Aden ( capital of Yemen ) to study water and drainage system, his project got proper implementation in Aden.
  9. He got very famous when he designed a flood protection system for Hyderabad, his famous supervised contribution is in Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Kaveri RIver (one of biggest reservoir in asia when it was built) and Mokama bridge over great Ganga in Bihar when he was 90 years old.
    He designed & planned entire area of Jayaranagar in south Banglore in 1959.
  10. He also called as FATHER OF MODERN MYSORE STATE because he encouraged private investment in inustry during his tennure as diwan of mysore (7 years) in 1912 and he also established Banglore press and Bank of MYSORE.
  11. With the support of Krishna Raja Wadeyar IV Maharaja he developed mysore as modern city, He also worked for Nizam of Hyderabad
  12. After retirement in 1908 he took various foreign tours to study industralised and developed nations like Russia, Britain, America.
  13. His major role in Foundation of Government Enginnering college at Banglore in 1917 (1st engineering institute in india) later named University Visvesvaraya college of Engineering.
  14. After Independence he was awarded with the nation’s highest honour ‘THE BHARAT RATNA’ in 1955.
  15. And After living 100 years of marvelous life he died in 1961.

Carrer Timeline

  1. Joined service as Assistant Engineer in Bombay, 1885; served in Nasik, Khandesh and Pune.
  2. Services lent to Municipality of Sukkur in Sind, 1894: designed and carried out water works of Municipality
  3. Executive Engineer, Surat, 1896;
    Assistant Superintending Engineer, Pune, 1897–99; visited China and Japan, 1898
    Executive Engineer for Irrigation, Pune, 1899
  4. Sanitary Engineer, Bombay, member, Sanitary Board, 1901; gave evidence before Indian Irrigation Commission
  5. Designed and constructed automatic gates patented by him at Lake Fife Storage Reservoir; introduced new system of irrigation known as the “Block System”, 1903; represented Bombay Government at the Simla Irrigation Commission, 1904; on special duty, 1905.
  6. Superintending Engineer, 1907; visited Egypt, Canada, United States, Russia, 1908
    Services lent as Consulting Engineer to Hyderabad/Nizam State, to supervise and carry out engineering works in connection with Musi river; Hyderabad floods of year 1909.
  7. Retired from British Service, 1909
    Chief Engineer and Secretary to the Government of Mysore, 1909
    Dewan of Mysore, PWD and Railway, 1913
    Board of Directors of Tata Steel, 1927–1955.



5 Most Beautiful Quotes On Women By Great Authors

A number of classics have been composed which talk about women. Great authors have made their central characters, a woman. So this post is dedicated to the lines of these great authors. Some talk about their beauty, their strength and some about their patience.

“She was of the stuff of which great men’s mothers are made. She was indispensable to high generation, feared at tea-parties, hated in shops, and loved at crises.”

Thomas Hardy

While going through the text of “Far From the Madding Crowd”, I came across these lines. They define the strength of the lady, Bathsheba( a female character), whose husband’s body is lying in her lap. She has been presented as a wife who falls into a temporary coma on seeing her husband like this. But then, it’s found that this temporary coma ceases and she simply says Oak (a character) to run and get a doctor. And she even knows that it is of no use, makes her a strong character. She shows the capacity to accept the truth in such an adverse situation.

“There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.”

Jane Austen

What to say about the novel, “Pride and Prejudice”!! It’s the best work ever composed. These lines, though I couldn’t notice properly in my first reading, made a room in my mind after the second time I went through the text. Here the woman says that her stubbornness can’t be altered by someone’s will. The more you try to suppress me, the more will I rise.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” 

Charlotte Bronte

This was quoted by Jane, the lead character of Charlotte Bronte’s novel, “Jane Eyre”. She was child when got orphaned and leads a rough life at her aunt’s home. These lines demonstrate her character. Throughout the novel, she says that she is a free bird. These lines have a very strong influence when you go through the novel.

“If wrappings of cloth can impart respectability, the most respectable persons are the Egyptian mummies, all wrapped in layers and layers of gauze.”

Kamla Das

Kamla Das’ novel “Wages of Love” is another book expressing bold thoughts against the irrationality of our society. She says that if respect could be won through the amount of clothes, mummies would have been respected the most! It’s quite relatable in today’s era. Women are judged for their choice of outfit. These lines are a tight slap over the face of such a society.

“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

Albert Einstein

These lines quoted by the great Albert Einstein, show the power of a woman. She can reach her destination herself and doesn’t need to follow a crowd. This quote is obviously not from any novel but the idea is great. So, it must be a part of the list when we talk about the lines describing the women and their strengths.

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The Choice of a Superwoman

If housewifery were a profession, my mom would have probably been one of the richest women on the earth. She would have been earning from multiple professions at a time; like, a cook, a social worker, an interior designer, a coach, a teacher, an event manager and infinitely more. But unfortunately, housewifery is just a duty, which every married woman is supposed to perform. Often, some of her friends visited our house. They praised the curtains, the bedsheets, the pillow covers, food etc. But none of them were kind enough to praise the hard work and dedication that my mother had put to arrange all those things. Infact, I have seen her feeling embarrassed when her working friends boasted their financial independence. Being a housewife in 21st century patriarchal society is always treated as a sacrifice. No one considers it to be a choice. But there are still some women who choose to be a housewife. My mom is a well-read woman and she is absolutely qualified to apply for a prestigious job. But housewifery is her choice. Infact, what’s wrong in it if a woman chooses to play with her little 4-year old son, cook for her family, put the newspaper beside her husband’s pillow in the morning and teach her children. If managing our family events instead of managing someone else’s party as a professional is her choice, then who are we to disrespect her? Her love and dedication to make our house a “home” has always inspired me to mention proudly that my mother is a housewife. She has chosen not to sell her skills, which is a tough choice in today’s world. A lot of women choose to be a housewife but they are compelled to regret their choice later. Infact, a number of women take their lives too. They expect love, respect, thankfulness and honour from the society, but all they receive is embarrassment, ignorance and a sense of taking them for granted. My mom’s skills are precious and so are her choices. If she has chosen her family over salary, it is our duty to realize her worth. She has made a choice which can be expected from a superwoman only.

10 Unknown facts about Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh, an epitome of patriotism, went to gallows. The day was  23rd March 1931. Along with two of his comrades, Sukhdev & Rajguru, Bhagat Singh was also lebelled as a martyr.

But, the story didn’t end here. His veneer as an extremist leader was just one of the multiple facets.

So, today we’ve gathered 10 unknown facts about Bhagat Singh. His own writings reveal his extraordinarily patriotic thoughts.

So here we go!!

Bhagat Singh possessed a great sense of governance:

Don’t you think such a quality adds to his image as a freedom fighter? Yes! He had his own framework of governance. This was absolutely beyond the political maneuver. His writings contain a positive definition of nation and nationalism.

He published an article at 17:

It might not seem something extraordinary nowadays. Isn’t it? But it actually was!! Most of the teens in 21st century have developed the art of expression. But the subject Bhagat Singh as a teen chose made the difference!! He wrote his first article on UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. Well do you have a definition for this  word right now??

BROTHERHOOD was not just a word for him:

He believed that as long as the words like Black-White,Civilized and uncivilized, rich and poor exist, there is no scope for BROTHERHOOD.

Equality can’t be achieved alone:

According to him everyone has to compaign for equality and equity. Among all freedom fighters, he is the only one who had this vision at a young age.

Untouchability and communalism are evils:

his strongest critique was on untouchability & communalism. For that, he even created a difference with his contemporary senior leaders like Lala Lajapat Rai.


He expressed his views on international Ideology & Struggles through articles he wrote on “Anarchism”. Bhagat Singh showed his excellence in his article named “Why I am a Atheist”.

Founder of Naujawan Bharat Sabha:

In 1928 he founded “Nawjawan Bharat Sabha” in Lahore. This was the time when everyone was busy in creating communal politics.

Bigotry is a hindrance:

Bhagat Singh believed that Religious superstition and bigotry are great hinderance in our progress. Don’t you think he had a myopic personality?? Take a look around the society and ask this to yourself.

Progressive thinking is a solution:

According to him our reterogressive thinking is destroying us. “We always keep ourselves busy in futile discussions about God and Heaven”, he wrote. And this is the bitter truth. We indulge ourselves in such discussions even today!

His questions are still unanswered:

In 1928 he wrote “our country is in really bad shape”. I this, he asked some questions to our countrymen like-

a)-Would drinking water of well get polluted if untouchables will drew their water?

b)-Will God will angry by entry of untouchables in Temples?

They may be legally answered but the truth is still visible in newspapers. Ground reality is far more horrible.

Do you still think Bhagat Singh was blood thirsty young man? Did he really believe in bomb and pistol? Did he deserve to be framed as how the colonial goverment labelled him?

We are always taught about the extremist leaders in such a way that their idea of freedom was close to terrorism. Even Bhagat Singh has been framed as “terrorist” in a few journals.

So what would you choose to call him??Hope you found something worth knowing after reading this. If yes, then like and share our article.


If I will Ever Have A Son (A Poetry)

Mother and son


If I’ll ever have a son,
I’ll teach him how to look… How to look at a girl of his class, how to talk to her…
I’ll teach him how to listen… How to listen to her when she lashes out on being hurt, how to protect her even though she’s no one to him..

But I’ll teach him the meaning of “Feminism”, its overuse and misuse.. Which can trap him from all around without any fault. He’ll defend and justify himself for sure, I believe. But I want him to teach, that girl, that lady, the true sentiment of “Feminism”.

Yes, I won’t trust him blindly. But I’ll tell him to search for his mom, whenever he finds himself, trapped in an unworthy shackle of compromises. “My little worrior”, I’ll tell him, “you’re taught and backed by two real fighters, who’ve defeated the fake world of lies…” So he doesn’t need to accept someone, who doesn’t value his sacrifices. He’ll always find a door, opening to the lap of his mom and arms of his dad, sitting on the same old chair, to hug him and make him sleep, no matter how far his under-valued sacrifices have taken him.

I’ll let him know, the struggle of his life will go on forever. But he, like his father, has been gifted with that extra-zeal, which he, unlike his father, needs to showcase, everytime his knees touch the ground of failure.

And over all these, I won’t stop him, if he starts trusting a woman other than his mom. I won’t stop him.. if he starts loving her more than his mom. I believe, he’ll glorify his mom and her teachings in the heart of his lady love. And I believe, a day will come when that pretty girl will cry more than my ‘young worrior’, when her husband’s mom will die..

I won’t stop him from smoking.  But I will tell him that “the smoke you inhale is far more killing to me than that you exhale”.. I will tell him that his mom’s eyes have turned watery and he would believe it to be due to the smoke.  So neither would he ever be able to inhale nor exhale the smoke. Now how would he learn to smoke? No, his father is naive here!!

And yes, I am going to make it clear to him that “your fighter mom and dad won’t come to fight for you”, when the fault is from his side.

The other meaning he will be taught is of “Trust”.. I will teach him not to trust so easily.. “but when a girl trusts you my son”, he is supposed to give it all back to her, with an icing of a layer of extra love and care, as she might have also been taught the same..

I will let him know how it feels when your trust is broken, how it burns you from inside.. So I won’t allow him to carry any lighter inside his pocket. But “my boy”.. I will tell him,”.. you are supposed to make that mutual trust, a ladder to success.” I will teach him to make it happen for his lady, make it happen for his old girlfriend, his mom.. “My young  Warrior, you are entrusted with expectations of the three most beautiful shackles of your life, you are the Rising Sun for them.. Your father, the old ‘you’.. your mom, your old-girlfriend who will always love you.. and your lady love, your to be wife.. are awaiting you at every step you take towards your goal.”

So if I will ever have a son I will dance with him, till I could stand on my feet.. and after that I will watch him dancing with his lady love, sitting and smiling, holding the hands of his father, right there, on the chair, which he will gift us at our silver jubilee..

And at last.. I will tell him a secret… “My boy”, I’ll let him know “When you ever go out of words, try to make rhymes.. And after three stanzas, you’ll find all those lost words on the paper, arranged beautifully… And the world will call it a “Poetry”.. but only you’ll know that it’s a game of hide and seek with the words you never spoke…”

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Stan Lee: Alive In His Comics

Stan Lee, the Disney legend gifted a new world to his admirers. This new world was an unpredictable World of Superheroes.

The Spider man, The Batman, The Ant-Man, The Iron man etc. All were the creations of Stan Lee.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 20: Stan Lee attends the Premiere of Disney and Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” on October 20, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Stan Lee left the world of comics on November 12, 2018. But the world of comics won’t leave him ever.

He will be the person to be remembered while reading and watching these Superheroes.

What Inspired Him

Stan Lee is an inspiration for almost all the youngsters. His Superheroes are loved and followed by them.

But what was it that inspired him?

Actually, he was a self-motivated, self-created individual. Yes, his childhood proves that!!

Lee’s Childhood And Early Thoughts

Born to a financially unstable family, he’d to live in one room apartment. He shared his bedroom with his brother. While his parents used to sleep on the couch.

He did his schooling alongwith a number of part-time jobs. Lee worked as writer for news service. The writer wrote obituaries. Lee also wrote press release for TB centre.

Lee was highly influenced by reading and watching movies.
He also mentioned in memoir that:

“I probably got my self-confidence from the fact that my mother thought everything I did was brilliant.”

So his mother’s confidence was behind Lee’s self-confidence.

Lee As A US Army Personnel

Stan Lee joined the US Army in 1942.

There, he kept on writing slogans and manuals. This made him to be dictincted as ‘playwright’.

He was a part of army during World War 2.

Later, when he’d been awarded, he said,

“it was the proudest moment for me”.

The Journey Of Marvel Comics and Lee

The success and journey of Lee and Marvel comics is not independent of each other.

After returning from Army, he joined a publishing house.

But this time, his writing career was going away from its roots.
Then the day came!!

Stan Lee was asked to write a story on bad-effect of drugs. So he decided to include it in “The Amazing Spiderman”.

Then what??
He did so!!
And challenged the Comic Code Authorities. This was against the code. But later, the CCA had to update its policy. So they abolished the code.

However, the “Amazing Spiderman” was loved by the readers way beyond expectations.

Gradually, Lee’s role in the company started growing. He became busier and busier with time. Soon, he was appointed as the president of the company.

But Lee found it a technical task to handle. So he stepped down of this honour. He chose to work as the publisher.

Stan Lee’s Media And Social Connections

In 1998, Lee started Stan Lee Media. But legal implications led to its shut down.

Moreover, Stan Lee’s Sunday comics were awaited every weekend.

It was 2007 when an action figure was launched. Stan Lee’s action figure, launched to honour him.

Lee also started a YouTube channel named Stan Lee’s World Of Heroes.

But ‘The Captain America’ was his first big break. Also, ‘The Fantastic Four’s was one of his major works.

Accolades For His Works

Stan Lee received a number of awards for his excellency.

The National Medal Of Arts was awarded to him in 2008.

He received The Comic-con Icon award for his brilliant comic books.

Lifetime Achievement award winning writer, Stan Lee, also appeared in his superhero movies.

For this, he won supporting actor award in comedy in 2017.

Besides all these, the city of Los Angeles and Long Beech celebrate Stan Lee day.
This day was recognised on October 2, 2009.

Some Interesting Facts About Stan Lee

•He was a Bruce Lee films fan.

•He admitted that his wife used to cut his hairs.

•He read Mark Twain, Dickens, Shakespeare etc.

•Appeared in movies like; Thor, Spiderman 1 & 2, Capt. America etc.

•His real name was Stanley Martin Lieber. Actually he started writing with pseudonym ‘Stan Lee’. Later, made it his legal name.

Stan Lee will be remembered for every inch of his contribution to the world of comics.

His life is an inspiration and so are his words.

He won’t die in the world created by him. He is still alive and will stay forever in the hearts of millions of people.

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Tipu Sultan: An Anti-hindu?

Tipu Sultan, an anti-hindu and an anti-national ruler.
Tipu Sultan, a non-secular, an anti-social ruler.
Tipu Sultan, a Xerox of a tyrrant dictator.

What justifies all these statements??
Who is empowered to prove them??

Yes, it is an unread page of history for us. And we’re helpless to reach that era and favour or disfavour these claims. All we can try to know is from books, the remains, the architecture etc.
So let’s try to find out!!

Tipu Sultan


Tipu: The Tiger Of Mysore

Tipu Sultan is called as “The Tiger Of Mysore”. Why? Did he exercise his powers on others? But on whom?

Let me make it a bit simpler. But for that, we need to trace his early life.
I think it would be fun!!

A Glimpse Of His Childhood

Tipu Sultan was born on November 10, 1750 at Devanahalli. He was born as “Badshah Nasibuddaulah Sultan Fateh Ali Bahadur Sahab”.

Later, he became ‘Tipu Sultan’ after the name of Saint Tipu Mastan Aulia.

His father, Hyder Ali was illiterate. So he wanted his son to be taught properly. Hence, alongwith his diplomatic and millitary mission, education was also added.

This led to the birth of a highly learner ruler. Tipu was an intellectual and innovative in person.

Wars, Victories And Advancements

The reign of Tipu is remembered for research and innovation. Tipu, himself was a pioneer in the use of rocket artillery.

A number of rockets and missiles were developed in his era. This was done mostly in collaboration with french rulers. Tipu was the one who introduced luni-solar calendar and new coin types.

Tipu introduced a land revenue system. This system bolstered the Mysore Silk Industry. This in turn, helped Mysore emerge as an economic power.

Tipu Sultan at war

‘The last effort of Tippoo Saib at Seringapatam’, 1799, (1847). The death of Tippoo Sahib (1753-1799), Sultan of Mysore at his stronghold, Seringapatam, India. British forces stormed the city on 4 May 1799. This victory brought to an end the short fourth Anglo-Mysore War (March-May 1799) enabled them then to gain control of Southern India, leading eventually to British rule throughout India. Illustration from The History of China and India, by Miss Corner, (Dean and Co, London, 1847). (Photo by The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images)

Tipu Sultan was the right hand of his father in most of his wars. He alongwith Hyder Ali claimed his victory over a number of challengers.

Unfortunately, his father died after second anglo-Mysore war due to cancer. But the seeds of love for his kingdom grew inside Tipu.

A number of rulers and Britishers were badly defeated by him. But the fourth anglo-Mysore war was proved to be the end of this patriotism. Tipu was defeated and he died.

Actually, defeating Tipu alone was not an easy task. So Marathas and Nizam of Hyderabad joined hands with British. This led to the end of Tipu Sultan.

Tipu Sultan sacrificed himself to defend his kingdom from British capture. He is still remembered as a valiant freedom fighter.

Probably he was the only ruler who didn’t negotiated with Britishers. While all other rulers were busy signing treaty and agreements, Tipu was spearheading the kingdom as freedom fighter.

Was He Non-secular, Anti-hindu?

Tipu Sultan was fond of horticulture and gardening. Hyder Ali and Tipu are still remembered as the establishes of Lalbagh Botanical Garden.

During his reign, Tipu gave land grants. These land grants were specially provided for 135 temples.

He also gave high posts to non-Muslims in his court. He was also a great writer. He wrote in Kannada.

Many sources claim that Tipu sent funds to American freedom fighters. Benjamin Franklin had sent a declaration letter of this too.

And yes, he is one of the rulers who fought against British colonialism.

On Tipu Jayanti

As all the issues are beset with politics, Tipu is no different.
We have been told that he was a tyrrant dictator. We believe this and join the strikes.

Lack of awareness and proper knowledge favours the wrong elements to dominate a society. And this happened on the occasion of Tipu Jayant on 10th November.

There are so many misconceptions in the youth that obstructs a good governance in the country.

Youth needs to know the fact before reacting violently. Tipu Sultan was the one who pledged his son to prevent Mysore. And he is being called an Anti-hindu. These baseless issues will keep rising. Untill the youth remain unaware.

Tipu Sultan was a great administrator. He was a great socialist. And emphasisingly, a secular ruler.

He never looked his kingdom as his hereditary belonging. He called Mysore kingdom as “Sultanat-e-khuda dad”, meaning “the gift of God”.

On the occasion of his jayanti, a number of his supporters were present. It was inaugurated in a grand way.

A change Of Thoughts

Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy on Saturday lauded Tipu Sultan before the Tipu Jayanti celebrations began.”Tipu’s progressive measures in administration, his quest for innovation are commendable,” PTI quoted him as saying.

R Ashok, BJP leader and former Home Minister told NDTV:

“This is not a communal protest. We honour Muslim people for their sacrifice for the nation. But Tipu demolished temples and churches – and killed people. He is not a freedom fighter. Do not waste public money on these celebrations.”

Raghu Algur’s words were also laudable. He said-

“These elements are suffering from anti-Muslim myopia. For them every Muslim leader is anti-national and anti-Hindu. They are not looking at the tremendous contribution of Tipu for society and for becoming a living example of religious harmony.”

And I personally believe that every issue doesn’t need a political eye. Celebrating a day to remember a freedom fighter is far more better that involving in religious disputes.

Remembering Tipu and his contribution for a day is worth spending some money. If spending money in temple and mosque building disputes for decades isn’t a “waste”, then how can a peaceful rememberance be called a “waste of public money”.

Well, I am also not much into politics. So I may be wrong somewhere. But I personally believe that religion should not be the pillar of disputes all over the country.

Thank you so much for reading. And we’ld heartily welcome your criticism. As our country is so difficult to inflict so easily.

But we literally respect your opinion and you have all the right to build them in your own way. This was just our opinion and we agree that yours may vary!!

Keep reading and building your views. Never try think the way you listen. Just get yourself to know the issue and think of your own way. Actually we’re suggesting you so, because it is the high time to make an opinion. An opinion that has grown out of our own thinking.

Keep yourself aware in order to think correctly.


Who Am I? (A Poetry)

No, I’m not a storyteller,
No, I’m not at all a seller.
I’m a crafter,
I’m a creater.
I craft my stories,
I craft glories.

I literally don’t sigh
After dreaming too high.
But I do get tired
When my stories get fired.

I frequently get shocked
When my glories get blocked
By the hem that I never stitched,
As if I’m walking alone, completely pissed.

Yes, I design my work
Which sometimes, hit me like jerk.
But neither ‘m I, a sudden fire,
Nor do I wish to be called a liar.

I never knew any rhythm,
But can craft sitting with ’em.
I never saw the point where the sky and the earth meets,
But this imagination lends me my beats.

No, I’m not a gard’ner,
No, I’m not a pardner.
I’m a sweetener,
I’m an aromate.
I sweeten the words,
I aromatize their buds.
But neither do I taste them,
Nor do I dare to claim them.

I hardly find pleasure,
Even though gifted with treasure.
But I do feel praised
When my words are raised.

I suddenly get knocked,
For I often get mocked.
But I wake up every morning
As if “yesterday” was my last warning.

Yes, I live these words,
Which often bruise me like swords.
But neither ‘m I an orange of my gard’n,
Nor do I wish them to beg pardon.

I never heard of rhymes,
But can make them over into chimes.
I never wished to sketch myself in the stories,
But couldn’t find an alternate to live those glories.

No, I’m none of these,
No, I’m not one among this bunch of keys.
Yes, I am none,
Probably, someone of my own.
But neither do I find myself,
Nor do I wish to be discovered by someone else.

So dear readers, you really don’t need to find yourself. You need to discover yourself. And you don’t need any other support to do that. You are enough to discover and explore your possibilities.

“Your mirror lies Inside you”. Right??

Loads of love, stay tunned for more posts and articles.

To Success: A Poetry

Success too, is a love

Image credit_pixabay

I came to you
Or you came to me,
What the world finds true
Isn’t what I wish to see.

I ran into you
Or you ran into me,
What these roads find true
Isn’t what I wish to see.

Yes I’ve awaited you
But you too, did the same,
I found you as the god’s clue
But you too, were a player of this game.

I hit you harder
Or you crumbled me into a fist,
Which of these hurt louder
Is either a riddle or a twist.

This story was a conspiracy
Or this conspiracy was my destiny,
Or both have come to visit me,
for this life was a tyranny!

For so many times
My love was Cursed,
But I never stopped making my rhymes,
For this heart was still not bruised.

A day or two passed as waves
And my head was still awake,
Who told you that a sunset saves
The cursed soul beside the lake?
The water will make you sweat
And the darkness will let you brake,
Once you leave your heart
These people will make it shake.

Millions of albatross will come
But no one will bring my luck,
And I know it well,
For everytime I wished to climb,
I was forced to fell.

But now that I know
You’re useless without me,
So what I believe is true
Is what I wish to see.

Who ran into whom
Is nothing to do with me,
You’re bound to follow this lady,
For that’s what I wish to see.

I’ve seen you with so many ladies,
Hugging you in front of me,
But you’ll dream of my soul,
For that’s what I wish to see.

Neither the albatross can bring you here,
Nor this luck is bound to tear
My destiny apart from you,
For this world will see what I’d wished to be true.

So guys, this was something after a very long time and we really apologise for this. We will definitely try to be active after this.
Talking about the poetry, it might appeal to be a love poetry dedicated to a person or the writer’s beloved (most probably). But this time, it’s a twist!!
Guess what??
It’s a poetry dedicated to success. Or more precisely, a work of apostrophe. So it becomes quite easy too, as you are completely aware that no counter argument is gonna come from the other side. A completely dogmatic conversation..hope you enjoy it and keep challenging your success to follow you. We just wanted to twist your mind by giving such a title to our poetry, so thanks for reading it till the end!!

With lots of love,

Atal Bihari Vajpayee: What You Need To Know

“Some people are not dead, they live in the lines of their books,  the words that they have collected to create a masterpiece,  keep them alive forever.”

One of such wordsmiths was our former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He was a true person, a true human, a true artist and a true politician.

Born in the year 1924, Mr. Vajpayee played an important role in the Indian freedom struggle. He was a part of the Quit India Movement and was even arrested and sentenced imprisonment.

Mr. Vajpayee was the first non-congress Prime Minister, who completed his five year period in the office.

As his  political life is known to most of the people, we want you to know a bit about his artistic or poetic  life. He was literally a great orator and dedicated his life after meeting a Stroke in 2009, to his poetic life. His art of writing was beautiful, emotional and inspiring.

He always tried to give some brave message through his work. His book containing his poetries was published as ‘Meri ekyavan Kavitayen’ (My 51 poems).

His poems were so beautifully constructed that every line of it touched the heart of the reader. Unlike all other professional poets, he used to write in simple words that were easy to be understood by anyone. 

I personally love all his poems but one of them titled “Maut Se Than Gayi” is a part of my favourites list.

At the news of the death of such a great poet- politician, different person reacted in different way and even opposition parties, his competitors, are a part of this condolence. Here we present use some of these reactions:

“I visited him this morning but didn’t imagine that the end will come so soon. He is, undoubtedly, one of the tallest leaders in post- independence India..” – Mr.Naidu stated.

“Had he not taken that firm stand, I would not have become the Speaker. Not just that, I could reach the position of Chief Minister of Maharashtra due to the BJP’s and Vajpayee’s support..”- Mr. Joshi told a Marathi news channel.

“Atalji emerged as a popular national leader who believed that power is a means of service and led a spotless political life without compromising on national interest. And that’s why the people across political and social boundaries showered him with love and respect..”- Mr. Shah tweeted.

“His captivating leadership qualities, mesmerising oratory, soaring patriotism and above all, his sterling humane qualities like compassion, humility and his remarkable ability to win over adversories despite ideological differences have all had a profound effect on me in all my years in public life..”-Mr. Advani said.

“Am deeply saddened. A great loss for India..”-Kejriwal tweeted.

“Extremely sad to hear of the passing of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, our former Prime Minister and a true Indian statesman. His leadership, foresight, maturity and eloquence put him in a league of his own. Atalji, the Gentle Giant, will be missed by one and all..”- said President Ram Nath Kovind.

“A reasoned critique in opposition and a seeker of consensus as PM, Atal Ji was a democrat to the core. In his passing away, India has lost a great son and an era has come to an end. My deepest condolences,”-pranab mukharji, former president of India said.

“Atal Ji’s passing away is a personal and irreplaceable loss for me. I have countless fond memories with him. He was an inspiration to Karyakartas like me. I will particularly remember his sharp intellect and outstanding wit.”- Narendra Modi, our present Prime Minister expressed his mourn.

This great human being is a legend and he won’t die ever as he has made his special room in the heart of humankind. So, finally we pray his soul to rest in peace in the heaven. Probably such great people are loved by god and I truly believe that he would keep writing his poems in the heaven and god will keep listening them..

Finally, I can’t stop myself of posting his one of my favourites poem. So here it is:

मौत से ठन गई!
(Battle With Death)
ठन गई!
मौत से ठन गई!

जूझने का मेरा इरादा न था,
मोड़ पर मिलेंगे इसका वादा न था,

रास्ता रोक कर वह खड़ी हो गई,
यों लगा ज़िन्दगी से बड़ी हो गई।

मौत की उमर क्या है? दो पल भी नहीं,
ज़िन्दगी सिलसिला, आज कल की नहीं।

मैं जी भर जिया, मैं मन से मरूँ,
लौटकर आऊँगा, कूच से क्यों डरूँ?

तू दबे पांव, चोरी-छिपे से न आ, 
सामने वार कर फिर मुझे आजमा। 

मौत से बेखबर, जिंदगी का सफ़र, 
शाम हर सुरमई, रात बंसी का स्वर। 

बात ऐसी नहीं कि कोई ग़म ही नहीं, 
दर्द अपने-पराए कुछ कम भी नहीं। 

प्यार इतना परायों से मुझको मिला, 
न अपनों से बाक़ी हैं कोई गिला। 

हर चुनौती से दो हाथ मैंने किए, 
आंधियों में जलाए हैं बुझते दिए। 

आज झकझोरता तेज़ तूफ़ान है, 
नाव भंवरों की बांहों में मेहमान है। 

पार पाने का क़ायम मगर हौसला, 
देख तेवर तूफ़ां का, तेवरी तन गई। 

मौत से ठन गई।

(A battle! 
A battle with death!

I had no intention to grapple,
there was no agreement to meet at that inflexion,
Yet blocking my path, she stood there,
Seeming larger than life.

How long does death last?
A moment, perhaps two..
Life, a sequence, transcending today and tomorrow.
I’ve lived to the full,
‘ll die as I choose,
‘ll come back,
Why to fear to march on?

So, do not come creeping and quitely,
Attack from the front and then test me.
Unaware of death,
life’s journey unfolds.
Evenings sketched with dusky kohl, nights,
the rhythm of flute’s note.

I do not say no pain is there,
There’re sorrows, of my own and of the unknowns.
So much love that I earned from the aliens,
that no complain is left for my people.

I’ve faught with every challenge,
and have lightened the quenched candles in storms.
Now that it’s shaking tempest today,
my boat is a client in the arms of cyclones.

But the morale of victory,
seeing the frown of tempest,
the countenance stiffed.

A battle with death.)

I have tried to provide you a rough english translation of Mr. Vajpayee’s beautiful poem. Hope you like and understand it in whatever language you prefer to read, but all I wish is, to let you know the intensity of his love for poetries and life.


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