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How To Earn Through Facebook

Making money in the world of facebook is not as difficult as it seems to be. A phone or desktop and an internet connection, that’s what it requires in this technical era of facebook.

There are still a number of ways through which you can earn online but today, we will talk about the easiest of them and ie; facebook. Well it’s quite interesting too.

All of us love to spend time on social sites and thanks to zuckerberg, the father of our love, facebook. Okay then, let’s get to know the methods of earning through facebook.

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Create a facebook page

First and foremost, you need to create a facebook page, which is the beginning of this journey. It is the grassroot of all the later steps. So, if you really want to earn through facebook, create your page. Once you do this, you know very well what to do next. Right?? (It’s all about traffic).


Methods of earning:

So let’s learn about how to earn through this facebook page. Well, here let me be very clear because all you need is patience. Keep calm and put your enthusiasm.

Once you earn even a little traffic on your page, there are two easy methods to make money:


Affiliate Marketing:

The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission. If people actually end up buying, you earn what you’re looking for!

In easy words, it may be called a kind of revenue sharing. If you want to make money, then you can promote a product that you feel has value and earn an income from it as an affiliate marketer. That’s what we call as affiliate marketing. So, why don’t you try this!!


Micro-influencer Marketing:

When we think of influencers, we often think of mega stars with millions of followers on social media. By now, most people on social media are familiar with high-profile influencers posting sponsored content in partnership with major brands, but there’s opportunity in marketing with smaller influencers, too. It has an outstanding strategy through which you can earn on every single “click”. All you need to do is to put sponsored ads on your page and every click on it, is an opportunity to make money. Isn’t that something interesting!!

Some famous Facebook pages:

Inspiration takes us to our goal. So let’s talk about some of them:
3.The engineer bro etc.

Well, if we have talked about them as inspirations, then why not get to know about them in a bit detail! I think that’s a great idea. So let’s get ready to dive a bit deeper.


It is one of the most famous facebook pages owned by Shahid Javed. During the initial year of his journey, he had around 80k likes on his page. But a graphic designer, Ankit Mor and with his outstanding SEO optimizing tallent, Harpreet Bhajwa made it a successful facebook page and a website. Today, RVCJ has a large number of followers on Instagram, facebook, twitter etc.


This facebook page is owned by four people, Rakesh Prasad, Gaurav Shukla, Aditya Saini and Meet Luthra, all belonging to different cities. Sarcasm has around 40M followers on facebook.

Engineer bro:

This is an another epitome of entertainment, which helps it’s owner, Manish Jalan, a mechanical engineer, earn money online. He posts memes on engineering student’s life in a sarcastic and satirical way.

You have other options too:

Facebook page is not the end of the story. There’re so many other apps which help you make money. Like swagbucks, fiverr etc. We’ll hopefully talk about them in our next posts.

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Marriage (A Poetry)

So, we’re excited to share a short poetry-cum-story with you people, where a woman is bound to stay in a marriage just because she is a “woman”, who thinks that she loves her husband. Let’s see what exactly this love  is:

She Lives In His Wallet

He sleeps in the next room,
about five Steps from mine.
once I was a bride and he was the groom,
but then we never even sat together to dine.

He talks to her picture
which can’t speak back.
But my presence is obscure
and I’ve no one to talk about the lack.
He takes me to the shopping
but pays with the wallet where she lives.
I never dared of stopping
my husband, as it is “love” in which he believes.

It may be love
that stops me from telling him about her.
I had met her in a poetic club
where his memories still made her stir.
It hurts to be an edge of this triangle,
but my customs bind me here.
I too, wish them to make an angle
but my traditions don’t allow me to move there.

They’re childhood sweethearts, one she had told me.
I can see how desperately her eyes awaits his glimpse for once to see.
I wish if I could gain some courage
to see them together,
And free him of this cage
And let him live with her forever.

So did you like this poetry cum short story? Give your feedback in the comment box!

See you soon guys. Till then be brave and have courage to face the reality.



Is Graffiti an art or vandalism?

Whatever pleases your eyes and attracts your instinct is art. vandalism is what your soul is reluctant of, and that can never be considered as an art. If a painter paints on a costly and highly branded Canvas, it is considered as a masterpiece. In fact, that’s great, it deserves praises. But when an another painter paints his imagination on a public wall, it is considered vandalism. Isn’t that a bit abstruse? You might have heard that world is a Canvas, then why the artists are not allowed to colour their world?
Graffiti is a beautiful presentation of the culture of a place. It bears the imagination of a person, how he thinks of an issue or subject, his culture, his world and even how he predicts it. All the opinion is wonderfully showcased on a wall, a public wall where every standard of person is allowed to visit without any restriction. Nowadays, a large number of graffiti art is observed on railway stations of India which show the rich Indian culture, there people, their way of life etc..
But considering graffiti as vandalism can’t be completely denied. Many of the graffiti art forms are worthless and done unreasonably. Especially, a large number of street walls in the cities and rural areas are painted with political slogans and symbols promoting a political party after election. This may be considered as a part of campaigning, which remain there for years. Besides being a breach of law, it may also be regarded as the mock of an art form. In fact, such a wall painting should not be considered as graffiti.
So graffiti is a pure art and it has been seen that it is being encouraged by the governments across the world too. It should not be misrelated to vandalism, which is actually a taboo deteriorating the image of an art form.

India And The Lack Of Scientific Temper

The rich history of India never lets Indians disconnect themselves from it. Indians are connected to their mythological history and any opinion, whether it is approved or not, if contradicts their mythology, is not acceptable in this country. By the way, this connectivity can’t be ignored because the Indian mythology is the biggest source that makes India proud of its pre-scientific abilities in this era of scientific development. But invention and innovation are two different aspects of science. What has been invented in the past, cannot be regarded as the ultimate achievement in the future. And this clearly reflects the lack of scientific temper.

What makes Indians uncreative:

Few weeks back, one of the Global leaders of IT industry and co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak stated that Indians are not creative. He supported his statement with an argument that blames the Indian educational system, which he considers to be very weak. He had predicted that India is unlikely to create world leading IT companies due to lack of creativity, which means a lack of scientific temper in Indians. This lack in educational system comes from the dominance of irrational opinions over the independent ones. Indian trace their future with their past and that’s the biggest obstruction in the path of scientific achievement.

Development is all about future:

Scientific technologies like cloning, live telecast (divya-drishti), use of missile (Astra), used in Mahabharata are no doubt brilliant examples of the pre-scientific achievements of India, but they need to be explored. This may be accounted that the creativity and a keen scientific temper in the people of other countries, led them to learn from Indian mythology. But Indians themselves lack such skills and knowledge, except some of them. So science is not restricted to the past and present, it is all about future of a nation especially such a nation which has just put it’s step on the stairs of advancement.

The way forward:

The statement by a Global leader can’t be denied as the Indian education system is evidently below average, when it comes to science or even other fields but we’re not going there as it would be like Pandora’s box. If India has shown a rapid growth in corporate sector, then the credit goes to MBA courses specially, which have been flourishing from past few decades. Except some of the institutes, there is a need to develop the approach towards education in a proper way. India needs quality education and not quantity education. Besides, excessive crowd in just one sector of education leads to the spoilage of the system and thus, the quality of education. So Indians are required to learn what they wish to learn instead of rushing to just one sector which, they think is the most efficient in providing a decent earning.

In a nutshell, what Indians must be advised to do, is to know their interest and choose what suits them. Science is not the ultimate field which provides money and fame. It is better to work as social worker instead of working unwillingly under some other person for the whole life and even with a meagre amount of salary that would never be able to be called as “decent”.

How Stories Heal Us

Stories are powerful, they touch your weakest part of the soul. They are inspiring, emotional and sensitive at the same time. Stories let you know about the deepness of love, the charm of nature, the colour of your emotions and many more unknown truths. They are those friends whose company can never prove your faith wrong. They’ll teach you, please you, make you laugh and cry but will suddenly bring an inspiring twist in “your story” which will turn your cries into a hunger to achieve what you were crying for.


My story is yours now:

Some people think that their situation is different and more depressing than anyone else. So some stories are depressing too, might be especially written for them or by them!! But that depressing moment, if kicked out for once, can never touch you again and you may then, be the one to gift your story to someone who is grappling with his own depressing story. You may wrap your story and write over there “My story is yours now”.

Mix the colours and create a new one:

Yes! Colours are endless and so are your feelings. They keep changing their colours. Have you ever tried to mix them and form a new different colour? If no, then go for it because life is too short and you have an infinite ocean of different colours of feelings with your mind and heart collaborating to form the paint brush. So stop waiting for the right moment and rush to picture your life in the most different and unseen way.

Nights are the omens of a new morning:

Darkness comes so that a clearer morning can rise. Sadness is the part of your story as the nights are the part of a day with 24 hours. Until you don’t confront the nights of your story, your life is not deemed to be lived completely. As a coin contains both head and tail, it can’t be deemed to be a coin until it lacks one of them and so is your story.

Live every moment of your life as they are inflexions and climax of your story which make it more interesting and worth reading. They make your story inspiring and are the strengths of your book which contribute to make it the bestseller.

Relation Between Art And Artist

What is art,and who is artist? Love is art and the lover is artist. Your habit is an art and you are artist. Artists are everywhere and so the art. If you can talk, it’s your art. If you can think, it’s your art. Every creature is made by the same artist and thus, all are made artists.
Dedicating a small poetry to “you”, the artist reading this:

Art and the artist

That star twinkling in the sky
Is an artist.
The sky in itself being a lie
Is an artist.

The leaf dancing on the beat of the air
Is an artist
The air playing the tune with care
Is an artist.

The lover persuading his beloved
Is an artist.
The beloved letting him unreproved
Is an artist.

The bird flying away from the cage
Is an artist.
The cage confronting the owner’s rage
Is an artist.

The father teaching his kid to walk
Is an artist.
The kid walking away, giving him a shock
Is an artist.

An artist chooses what he is made for
And loves what is made for him.
An artist needs no people for him to adore
For, his art never let his nights turn dim.

Artists are not made
But millions of them are born every moment.
Art is their shade
And sun is just an object to pass comment.

How To Develop Interest In Books

All of us have read books during schools and colleges. Besides reading course books a week before exams, most of the people enjoy reading other books like novels, plays, anthologies etc. But in most cases, it is observed that people couldn’t complete the whole book as their interest in reading is lost after some pages. And if anyhow they manage to keep interest, the burden of course book never allows them to complete it. This tragedy is evident with almost all of us, as we find our course boring or confusing as compared to others. So, we start reading novels and stories or whatever to come out of it.
Now the question is how to read a book and never let it be a burden like your course books. Here are some steps which will definitely ensure your interest in the book which you are reading:

Choose your genre wisely:
Often we choose books which our friends suggest us to read. But unless you and your friend are not like-minded, this idea doesn’t work. You should try to know yourself. Which genre suits your interest. As a beginner, you need to develop your interest in reading, so you should choose your book wisely on your own opinion instead of listening to others.

Books with less pages:
While choosing a book, you should keep in mind that you are just stepping towards the world of fictions or non-fictions and poetries as a reader. You are just trying to generate interest in this field. So besides choosing a favorable genre, choose those books which are comparatively thin. This will keep your concentration and interest both till the end as you won’t be able to spend more time.

Be patient:
Often we are not where we seem to be. I mean our mind is uncontrollable, it is always on a journey. So try to concentrate your instincts in the book and then you will find your brain listening you like a three years child! This is called patience which you need to teach yourself.

Live the characters:
While reading a fiction, you are required to feel the emotions of the characters. Cry when their tears come out and smile when they laugh. This is the key formula to read a book and reach till the end of it.

Choose a perfect time:
You may get distracted while reading a good book in the same way you get distracted while reading your course book. So once you will be able to develop your interest in reading books, you will try to complete your course studies as soon as possible so that you can make time to read them. But still, in the the beginning, you need to choose a perfect time when other pressures rarely distract you.

Hope these steps help you develop your interest and teach you time management as well.

How To Analyse A Poem

Analysing a poem is literally a difficult task in literature. You can’t exactly get what the poet is trying to refer to. Whenever we analyse the poem, we can just predict the situation which the poet might be going through while writing the poem.
Poets put their emotions in their work and no one can analyse a stranger’s emotions. How can you read someone’s mind, whom you have never met before, when you can’t even read the psychology of a person standing next to you? But atleast you can try to understand the meaning in your own way. Here are some steps which may help you to almost reach the meaning of a poem.

1. Read like a kid:
Before jumping right to get a meaning, you must go through the whole matter atleast twice. You don’t need to understand the words in a one or two go, but just read as a kid reads without understanding, but filled with excitement about getting through a new chapter!!

2. Relate title with stanzas:
Whenever someone titles his/her work, they keep in mind that the title should relate to the whole matter in someway. So try to relate each stanza with the title of the poem.

3. Pick words closely related to title:
While reading the poem, you will definitely find some words or phrases that somehow relate to the title and thus, predicting the situation becomes much easier.

4. Imagine yourself in that situation:
It is truly said that all human brains somehow think in the same way. While going through a person’s way of writing, you may probably be able to predict his/her thinking process. So imagine you are the poet and relate those words with your own way of thinking and taking action but in the same attitude in which you find the poet is.

5. Be a good learner:
Analysing poems is rare for those who don’t belong to literature field but nowadays, you can find a lot of exams where unseen passages are given which constitute articles, reports, essays, short stories etc. Once you develop your psychological experience which you can learn through the people you are surrounded by and the nature, you will be able to analyze every piece of work easily. So let yourself learn from every situation.

What To Do When I Am Alone.

Being alone is the best way to live freedom. But sometimes, we mistake “aloneness” as “loneliness”, which is a call for depression and a number of negative mental conditions.
Aloneness is a state of joy, a state of fullness and a state where you are complete in yourself. You don’t need a companion to entertain or praise you anymore. You are completely aware of your praise worthy qualities and you are capable of praising yourself. While, loneliness is a stigma that tends to keep you isolated. Isolated in a world where you were born alone to enjoy your aloneness. But your stigma turns your own world seeming strange to you. You will find your surrounding begging you to remember yourself, the old you, but you will be lost in your own house.
You may think of losing yourself, and that’s fine. But why not lose ourselves in something that we never did before? Why not go on a date with silence? Trust me, silence sings better than all the singers with guitar in their hands and shouting uselessly on a mike!! Just hear the silence.
In order to let you know about the art of silence which you always ignore, we have composed a poem. So let’s jump to know a bit about silence.

Here is the poem regarding SILENCE.


I wish no birds singing in the garden,
I wish no dog barking on the road.
I wish to beg a genuine pardon
From the silence for always being ignored.

I wish no prayers on the lips,
I wish no cries on the speakers.
I wish to mute every word that slips
Off the mouth, with its venom spreading like creepers.

I wish no applause for a wonder,
I wish no praise for bravery.
I wish to go and surrender
To silence and get hung at the calvary.

I too, will beg pardon
To scare away the birds from the garden.
But I wish to hear no voice
For, the voice of silence is my only choice.

I wish to listen
To the song of silence.
Since long it’s voice is hidden
In this strange world of violence.


For me..it stands for “Lesson Of Value and Experience”..
It’s a beautiful picture which entangles you.. as if you are it’s favourite character..but as soon as you reach the climax..you find many other actors and actresses standing in the same queue..
While you are a part of this elusive world..you feel yourself superior and matured than your fellows..

Sometimes you may seem to be a nonchalant character too..
And all this happens just because you get someone… who gives you a sesquipedalian palace inside his heart!!!
Your tryst with your imaginations becomes even stronger..

And then..

you come to an inflexion..where you find that sesquipedalian palace being smaller and smaller..but it’s not the end..

Actually, it is the naught point from where the real emotional manoeuvre begins..
Here, you learn to appease someone, who had once appeased to hold his hands..

For a while,you feel so ignored and depressed that all you need is redemption..
But no..this is still not the end of the picture!!!

You keep walking..
You keep finding your value..
You keep collecting experiences..
You keep loosing yourself in a world which is captivating and emancipating at a time…
You keep enjoying this shackle of altercations..
But..you would never be able to discover the TENET OF LOVE..
It has no principle..
It has no theory..

And the best thing..

you are always ready for transcending boundaries without even trying to think about the reason!!!!
This is what the whole picture explains..but finally it makes the actor “A Person With Experiences”…and still it’s not the end????
Your experiences may help you to recognize that angel who can explain you the actual TENET OF LOVE.

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