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Book Review Every week

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Hey lovely people, hope you all are doing well!!
As we had said, we will be back with some new topics soon, so here we are.We are delighted to announce that we will be reviewing atleast one book every week. The genre of the books will be such that it adds something good to your life if you read it.

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The review will be absolutely honest as you already know that we’re not gonna be paid for it!

We’ll review the best books for you. But you’re free to suggest a book of your choice. If you want us to review a particular book, feel free to let us know in the comments.

We will begin this review from this week itself. It would be great if you can suggest us a book for the next week.

Also, if you own a blog then we’ve a plan for you. Suggest the name of a book which you are thinking to read. What we will do is to review it for you and mention the link of your blog in the post.

Stay tuned and subscribe to the blog as a lot more is about to come!


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