• Hey! I am Mistella. Powers of a million hearts are blended in my single pen!! Wanna know me better? Scroll me down and down like never before..

Welcome my Lovelies!

    I am Mistella and I welcome all my Lovelies!

Mistella, sounds like “mistelle”, right?
Well, you may feel like you’d a shot after you check me out. But I bet this shot won’t make your life shorter.

All I know is to do magic with a pen, my only weapon. However, my weapon can’t kill anyone physically.

Well I don’t even aspire to be a killer! Alright, I don’t like talking too much like insane. I just enjoy conversations in my comment box. So take a shot (not the real one please!) and come back in the comments.

 But before that, wanna know more about me? 

Keep scrolling me down and down…

But one thing I really want to tell you about me. And that is, I may look one by name, but no! I am blend of more than one hearts into a single pen. Remember my weapon? Yeah!! That’s what I am..

“A shot which lets you enjoy without any harm. Though I am a product of blended compounds, I will make you live longer.”

So come on! let’s fly together to an unknown world full of “love for words”…

Welcome to the world of Mistella where you’re one of it’s heart.

Welcome to my home and the place where I practice some karate!!

Haha.. that was a bad one!

But yeah, you still need to scroll me. Just do it like never before..

See you people<3



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